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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is there a minimum age limit to attend the retreat.

A. Local coordinators can make individual decisions about the age limit of the participants, but we suggest no one under 21 year old be allowed to attend.

Q. Can someone who is transgendered attend a retreat?
A. Anyone who self-identifies as a man is welcome to attend a Men’s Knitting Retreat.

Q. Are the retreats only for (or mostly for) gay men?
A. While there are a number of gay men that attend the events, the retreats are open to all men.

Q. Can a participant bring his spouse to the event?
A. As long as the spouse is a man, the spouse is welcome to join, even if he isn’t a knitter.

Q. Can alcohol be served/brought to the event?

A. Each group determines its own policies for decisions such as alcohol. Most retreats allow for alcohol to be consumed at the event.

Q. Can women be invited to give a talk or provide a demonstration at the retreat?

A. One of the suggestions is that workshops and classes be facilitated by our own members, which would preclude having a woman or any paid expert provide a demonstration or workshop. There have been field trips or outside classes that have included both paid-for and female teachers or experts.

Q. Is there a policy on publishing photographs or videos of the retreat or inviting the public media or documentarians into the event?

A. Each regional retreat determines their own policies on this and communicates it to the participants.

Q. How is the cost of the retreat determined?

A. Each regional retreat agrees to run the event on a “not-for-profit and not-for-loss” basis. Ideally, the cost of producing the retreat should be completely and exactly covered by the registration fees collected.

Q. Is there any financial support offered to guys who would like to attend?

A. Many of the regional retreats offer scholarships to the event. There is also a non-profit scholarship fund – The Millard Fontenot Memorial Scholarship Fund which can award scholarships to the various regional retreats.