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Knitting Skills Proficiency Evaluator Tool

Please Note:

  • There are almost 200 distinct skills listed and each one will need to be evaluated to get your results.
  • To be able to save a draft of your responses at any point during the assessment, you will need to Register with the site and Login (using the menu options in the upper left side of the page or menu burger on smaller devices).
  • Use the definitions on the right side of the page to provide the closest match to each skill listed.
  • Expand each of the 7 sections and respond to EVERY skill.

And thanks for taking the assessment!

Data Privacy:

Please know your data will never be given out without your clear and tacit approval to do so. The one exception will be your data may be included in summarized totals to show trends in knitter but will never have any personal data attached to it.

Competency Level Definitions:

Yet to be learned

Never heard of this or heard of it but never attempted it or read about it or watched a tutorial about it.

Developing understanding

Read about or watched a tutorial and may have even attempted it once or twice but definitely couldn’t do it on-demand without some outside assistance.

Solid Understanding

Able to demonstrate this on-demand without any outside assistance.


Able to demonstrate this on-demand without any outside assistance and also understand some of the nuances or complexities about it.  Also be able to teach or create a tutorial on this skill.

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