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Tutorial – How to Pin from a Blog, and make sure your Pin links to the correct blog entry

 When you’re looking through blog entries and find something you want to pin to one of your Pinterest boards, you’re usually trying to either save it as a reminder for yourself for later or let others know about it (or both).  Pinterest works great for both those things, but ONLY if when you Pin the item, it links back to where the interesting item is.  

Since blogs often show more than one blog entry on a page, the URL or link that gets attached to your pin is often the generic blog URL, and NOT the specific blog entry that the photo you’re pinning is on.

So, when you find a photo on a blog that you want to pin, do ONE thing before clicking on the “Pin It” button, so that you can always get back to your pinned item.  Find the “permalink” address for that specific blog entry.

How To Pin Correctly (using the “Pin It” Bookmarklet) 
When you’re browsing through a blog, and you find something that you want to pin to one of your boards, the “permalink” for that specific blog entry is usually found in one of two places on the blog post.  You get to the permalink usually by either clicking on the Title of the blog Post, or sometime by clicking on the date/time the blog post was published.

So, for instance, you’re on Gedane’s Happiness blog, and you want to pin the toadstool:

If you just click on the “Pin It” button in your shortcut bar, the URL or link attached to your pin will be the generic:

But, if you click on the title “DIY / tuto champignon” first, it will bring you to the Permalink for just this one blog post –

Clicking on these two different pins will give you very different results.  The second one is the one you want.  Even in FRENCH it’s easy.